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Snowscoot world record
Corentin Desbois

Snowscoot world record
Corentin Desbois

 Grow shop owner becomes human bullet 

Must be Plagron again, talking about that man on a snowscoot...  

Have you heard about one of our legends that would race down a hill in Vars in 2022, but never actually did? 

Back in 2017, we’ve introduced you to Corentin Desbois. His goal was to set a new world record last March, by riding his snowscoot down the French Alps in Vars. His ambition was, and still is, to become the fastest human on the planet without the use of an engine. We haven’t had the best couple of years though… Corentin that broke his shoulder, the coronavirus that came and interfered, global warming that caused snow conditions to be so bad that no record attempt was even possible. But giving up is not something we are familiar with. We stand by our legends, for better or for worse. 

We did learn a couple of things from the past few years. This year, we did everything in our power to minimize the risk of a failed attempt.

Let’s start with a small recap: 

2017 – World record 168.382 km/h. 

2018 – No attempt due to avalanche on the slope in Vars (France). 

2019 – Personal record 178.430 km/h. 
2020 – Broken shoulder + COVID-19. 

2021 – COVID-19.

2022 – Bad snow conditions in Vars, test runs at Idre Fjall (Sweden). 

The latest footage

So what’s different this year? Let’s just sum it up for you. 


Test runs in Idre Fjall

Aerodynamic shell

New snowscoot frame with variable handlebar height

The team consists of Corentin & his cameraman Pierre Allaire & 2 sherpah helping on the start


Official record attempt

Plexiglas aerodynamic screen

More optimized snowscoot frame - 3 major developments

Eric Barone was added to the team as physical and mental coach
(bicycle speed record holder)