Guess & win!

Growing giants with Gerjan

The (only) 22 years old Gerjan from The Netherlands grows pumpkins. “Pumpkins?” I hear you say. But we’re not talking about just any pumpkins here. Gerjan’s speciality is growing big pumpkins. Giant pumpkins! Pumpkins so large they can only be transported with a shovel. Gerjan has been a fan of growing since he was very young. That’s why he studied Plant Sciences at Wageningen University. His passion has grown into a real business over the last years, resulting in the birth of his website.

For the Dutch Championship Growing Pumpkin of 2023 he aims to grow a pumpkin of 700 kg! 


varieties of ornamental and edible pumpkins

1,5 ha

the piece of land Gerjan grows on


pumpkins per year

Pumpkin festival 

On Saturday 30 September 2023 the Pumpkin Festival and the Dutch Championship Heaviest Pumpkin and Vegetables will be held again. 

Also this year Gerjan will compete with his giants. He has sharpened his strategy again, taking his experiences from previous years in account. 

Track record

2018 - 510 kg

2019 - Oops! Didn't make it to the scale.
2020 - 603,5 kg
2021 - 635,5 kg
2022 - 526 kg

About pumpkin farm Wezep

With over 50 different varieties of edible and ornamental pumpkins, Pompoenerie Wezep is the place to be. From giant pumpkins to tasty edible pumpkins, they can all be found (and bought) there. They also provide delicious pumpkin recipes.  

Pumpkin farm Wezep also has a few special varieties, which they have crossed themselves. It is therefore still a surprise what will come out of this, but one thing is certain: these special pumpkins are only available there! 

Giant pumpkins recap 2022!

Guess & win

1. 1 tunnel greenhouse 6m2 + 4 bags substrate of your choice + 2x 5L nutrition Alga or Terra + 1L Power Roots + 1L Green Sensation + 1L Sugar Royal + 1L PureZym or Vitarace.  

2. Plagron beanbag + Top Grow Box Natural or Terra. 

3. Top Grow Box Natural or Terra. 


FREE entry

10:00 am - 07:00 pm

Vierhuizenweg 5, Oldebroek