Clogged drippers are history

No more flakes and foam!

Biofilm greatly reduced!

No more stinking nutrient water!

We know that your biggest problem with an irrigation system is the fact that it gets clogged very easily when used in combination with products high in organic content. Consequences are: 

Forming of flakes and foam in your nutrient water

Flakes can lead to clogging of irrigation lines and emitters, reducing the efficiency of water and nutrient delivery to your plants. This can lead to uneven feeding, water stress and nutrient deficiencies. Foam doesn't usually clog the system but indicates an imbalance in the nutrient solution or bacterial activity. Botch will affect plant growth and health.

Forming of biofilm on your nutrient water

Biofilm is a slimy layer formed by bacteria and other microorganisms that adhere to surfaces in moist environments. In irrigation systems, biofilm forms when microorganisms grow on the interior surfaces of pipes, tubes, and emitters. The presence of biofilm can lead to several problems. It can restrict water flow and nutrient distribution, leading to uneven feeding. Biofilm can also harbour harmful pathogens that may infect your plants, leading to diseases. Additionally, the biofilm can consume some of the nutrients in the water, altering the intended nutrient balance for the plants. 

Stinking nutrient water

Not necessarily harmful, but mainly unpleasant.

UK's first 100% mineral coco line

So what to do? Use our 100% mineral coco line! The products in this line are perfectly in sync. You get the ideal nutrient composition for optimal results, without negative effects on your irrigation system. Since all the products in the line consist predominantly of mineral elements, you will not experience any of the aforementioned problems. Let's list the products and their quality traits for you:  

Cocos A & B

  • Balanced nutrition for optimal results 
    Cocos A & B contains all the nutrients, in the right proportions, that your plant needs during growing and flowering. This ensures optimal results. Are you growing on a coconut substrate? Then please note that coconut needs a lot of water to prevent salt accumulation. Keep the coco wet and use Cocos A & B with each watering, so the plant always has sufficient nutrients at its disposal. 

  • Directly absorbable nutrients in a wide pH range
    Cocos A & B is specially developed for growing on all kinds of buffered coconut substrates, such as Cocos Premium. Because a coconut substrate is an inert medium and does not contain any nutrients of its own, it is recommended to give the plant directly absorbable (mineral) nutrients. The base nutrient Cocos A & B meets this need, because it contains balanced mineral nutrients for the growth and flowering of your plant. In addition, the nutrients in Cocos A & B are easily absorbed over a wide pH range. This creates a buffer for when the pH is not quite optimal. The plant will then still be able to absorb nutrients. 

  • Vigorous growth and flowering
    Plants need both phosphorus and calcium for vigorous growth and flowering. These elements are known to bind to each other and precipitate. As a result, they are no longer absorbable by the plant. Cocos A & B prevents this process. Cocos A contains calcium and Cocos B contains phosphorus. When both nutrients are added to water separately, the solution is diluted so that calcium and phosphorus are no longer precipitated. Because single bottle solutions cannot meet the complete nutrient requirement, Cocos A & B is available in two different bottles. 

Hydro Roots 

  • No clogging in drippers or pumps.  
  • Fast and vigorous root development.  
  • Improves nutrient absorption.

Power Buds 

  • Increases amount of buds.  
  • Accelerates flowering.  
  • Increases active compounds.

Green Sensation 

  • Heavier buds.
  • More compact buds.
  • Better resistance.
  • Improved nutrient uptake.

What’s there to win? 

2 x 1 litre Cocos A & B
1 x 500 ml Green Sensation
1 x 250 ml Hydro Roots
2 x 250 ml Power Buds 

1 x Plagron Cap

Make sure to clean your tank and drip system regularly. Residues from your last grow could otherwise still cause problems.