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Will snowscoot legend Corentin Desbois set a new record this year?


Will snowscoot legend Corentin Desbois
set a new record this year?


"Grow shop owner becomes human bullet"

Back in 2017, we’ve introduced you to Corentin Desbois. His goal was to set a new world record by riding his snowscoot down the French Alps in Vars. His ambition was, and still is, to become the fastest human on the planet without the use of an engine.

In 2023, he broke the previous snowscoot world record by almost 10 km/h!

This year, he hopes to push his limits again, aiming to achieve a speed of no less than 200 km/h!


The two universes of Corentin

Grow shop owner

Corentin Desbois: 40 years old, proud owner of a grow shop.

During his youth, Corentin dedicated four years to studying mechanics, aspiring to be a mechanical engineer. This education paved the way for his initial career move - designing snowscoots. At the young age of 23, he established his own brand, "Dr. Jack." Under this label, he ventured into producing boards, engineering frames and crafting snowscoots. The niche market for snowscoots proved to be too limited to make a proper living. His search for some other source of income led him to open his first grow shop.
Now in his day-to-day life, he is the proud owner of Culture Indoor.

Human bullet

Corentin Desbois: 40 years old, crazy about snowscoot riding.

Corentin's childhood in Belgium was marked by his deep passion for extreme sports. His initial enthusiasm was directed towards BMX biking, a sport he devotedly pursued. His sporting interests took a significant turn when he stumbled upon an image of a snowscoot in a BMX magazine. He approached his parents, expressing his burning desire to ride one. His parents supported him by renting a snowscoot for him so he could start developing his skills. Within no time Corentin was head over heels with his iron horse.

Now, he races down mountains at dazzling speeds, trying to set a new record every year.

A new world record in 2023

A small recap: 


World record 168.382 km/h. 


New personal record 178.430 km/h. 

(No new world record because the attempt wasn't officially measured by the required parties)


 New world record 175.16 km/h.
New personal record 181.19 km/h.

Guess and win

Guess what top speed Corentin will reach this year and win legendary prizes!

The winner gets a killer pack of plant nutrition, streetwear and a JBL extreme, all worth a sweet 500 euros.

Second place hauls in a pack of nutrition and some streetwear, worth a solid 250 euros.

Third place receives plant nutrition and streetwear as well, valued at 150 euros.

Are you in it to win it?!
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