Terms and conditions


The rules of our guess & win promotion are as follows:  

1. Guess how heavy Gerjan’s pumpkin will be on 30 September 2023.

2. The ones who guess the correct weight in kilograms win.

3. If no one guesses the correct weight, the persons closest to the final measured weight win.

4. There are 3 prizes to win:

     1. 1 tunnel greenhouse 6m2 + 4 bags substrate of your choice + 2x 5L nutrition Alga or Terra + 1L Power Roots + 1L Green Sensation + 1L Sugar Royal +       

         1L Pure Zym or Vita Race.

     2. Plagron beanbag + Top Grow Box Natural or Terra.

     3. Top Grow Box Natural or Terra.

5. You can take a guess from 6 June 2023 until the start of the event on 30 September 2023.

Terms and conditions 

1. Entering this promotion is free.

2. Entering more than once is not allowed.

3. This guess & win takes place from 6 June 2023 until the start of the record attempt on 30 September 2023.

4. Only guesses entered through the landing page www.plagron.com/giant-pumpkins will be included in the promotion.

5. Entry is open to residents of the world.

6. Due to a country-specific assortment of products and promotional materials, prizes won by entrants not from Europe may differ slightly. This will be communicated to relevant winners in a timely manner.

7. The minimum age for entering is 18.

8. Plagron employees and their families are barred from entry.

9. Whoever wins which prize is drawn at random after the event, which will be no later than 6 October 2023.

10. Whenever there are more people with the right answer, winners will be drawn at random and will receive a message on the email address they entered within 24 hours of the promotion’s end.

11. Personal data gathered during this promotion will only be used by Plagron for this promotion and will not be shared with third parties.

12. Prizes won cannot be exchanged for money or other goods.

13. Prizes are only for personal use.

14. Plagron can, at its own insight and without notice upfront, change these terms and conditions during the promotion. Plagron can change the promotion unless this leads to a disadvantage on behalf of the entrant.

15. Entrants who do not meet the criteria above can be excluded from entry. 16. For questions or complaints contact Plagron at servicedesk@plagron.com.